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European Design Awards Gala

European Design Awards are prizes awarded to the best graphic designers in Europe.

Date and time:
  • June 8, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Place: Nowy Teatr, Madalińskiego 10/6, Warsaw
Language: English
Price: The price will be announced soon
About gala

European Design Awards is an event devoted to the promotion and presentation of European design. Crowning the competition for the best graphic designers in Poland, the Gala takes place each year in a different European city and gathers ca. 400 participants.


A characteristic feature of the EDA competition is the fact that it encompasses diverse areas of design: from prints, through branding, to webdesign. The jury is comprised of representatives of design media (editors, publishers and journalists) from all over the Europe which ensures objective and unbiased project selection.


At the Gala we’re expecting both the winners and nominees, as well as their associates and clients. It’s a great opportunity for making new international friendships! We’ll try to help you with it the best we can.


More info about the EDA competition:

Published: Mar 11th 2019

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