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Steven Thomas - How Designers can thrive in a corporate or business environment?

Steven will provide practical insights for creatives who want to make more of an impact in a corporate environment when working as either a staffer or supplier. As a Business Leader, who values collaboration with gifted creatives and designers, Steven will provide his perspective on how designers can identify, understand and embrace important criteria that lead to the successful buy-in and application of creative work in a commercial world.

For over two decades Steven Thomas has worked in the highly competitive UK media industry holding various business and creative leadership roles with a particular focus on Digital Transformation and Corporate Start-ups. Currently, he's the Director of Emerging Products with Johnston Press Plc specialising in leading businesses, projects, and high performing teams to profitable outcomes driven by creative thinking. Steven is an alumnus of Seth Godin's altMBA and writes about self-innovation and inspiring people on

Published: Aug 23rd 2017

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