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Is technology our next (human) nature? Koert van Mensvoort

The lecture took place during Element Urban Talks 2018 in Cracow.

Dr Koert van Mensvoort


Dr. Koert van Mensvoort is an artist and philosopher best known for his work on the philosophical concept of Next Nature, which revolves around the idea that our technological environment has become so complex, omnipresent and autonomous that it is best perceived as a nature of its own. It is his aim to better understand our co-evolutionary relationship with technology and help set out a track towards a future that is rewarding for both humankind and the planet at large.


Van Mensvoort is author of numerous books and publications; among them Next Nature, Save the Humans, Pyramid of Technology, What You See Is What You Feel, Natuur 2.0 and the In Vitro Meat Cookbook.


Van Mensvoort is director of the Next Nature Network; a 21st century nature organization that wants to go forward – not back – to nature. Furthermore he is appointed Next Nature fellow at the Eindhoven University of Technology, board member at the Society of Arts of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences and supervisory board member of VPRO broadcasting organisation. Earlier Van Mensvoort worked a researcher at the Center for User-System Interaction (1998-2003), as a teacher at the Sandberg Institute (2002-2006) and as a Visionary in Residence at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (2008).

Published: Mar 8th 2019

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