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Element Talks 2015 - summary

The 2nd edition of Elementarz Projektanta took place in MTP halls, April 2015, Poznań. We hosted over 1500 designers from all around the Poland.  

Video teaser of the conference

Animated teaser of the conference

Posters printing

Posters were printed offset at KRÜGER PLUS printing house.

Pictures from the conference

Watch more pictures from Element Talks 2015 here.

Designer's debut

Next to Element Talks we organize the exhibition which was combined with presentations and workshops - Designer's debut. The main goal was to introduce the audience how designers profession looks like and what kind of art is created by UAP students. We wanted to showcase potential graduates to employers.

Watch more pictures from Designer Debut here

Watch more pictures from here

Jan Kallwejt - How to make money on illustration?

Watch more lectures from Element Talks 2015 here.


Adam Twardoch

Chris Kwacz

Marcin Olkowicz

Agnieszka Cegła

Jan Kallwejt

Paweł Walentynowicz

Jacek Kłosiński / / Engram

Karolina Szalewska – Urząd Miasta Poznań


Studio Otwarte

Syfon Studio

Element Talks branding on Behance

Press materials:

Kacper Tomaszewski - relation
Design Partners - relation
Creativamente o sztuce - relation
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Anna alternatywnie - relation

Published: Jul 16th 2017

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