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Do we really need new products? Roger Swales

Do we really need new products? Listen to the interview with Roger Swales from GRO Design. The interview was made during Element Urban Talks 2018.

Roger Swales

He founded GRO design in 1999 together with fellow British designers Roland Bird and Graham Hinde. For over a decade GRO has worked for industry leaders and A-brand clients across a broad spectrum of markets. These include Nokia, Microsoft, LGE, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Beats Dr Dre, Haier, Denon, Masterfoods, Océ, Unilever, Denon, Toto, Grohe, Dorel, NXT and Sara Lee.


Swales served as a judge at the iF Product Design Awards in 2010 and at the Hong Kong Exporters’ Associate Adjudication and Forum in 2012.

Published: Feb 28th 2019

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