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Element Talks 2017 - summary

The 4 edition of Element Talks took place in Warsaw, Soho Factory, 22-23 of April 2017. Once again crowds of designers filled the post-industrial halls. This time besides the lectures on the 2 stages, we have prepared for you a great selection of workshops, round tables and speed talks. Take a look how was this year in the summary video. If you were an attendee please fill the survey and share with us your opinion.

Element Talks 2017 teaser

Element Talks teaser was created by duo: Kamilę and Tom Biskup. In the video appeared Hans, who secretly wishes to become a freelancer and Fluffy, who can't wait to meet new people during another edition of Element Talks.

Video relations made by the attendees

Our participants have surprised us with great video relations from the event. We encourage you to see the conference with their eyes. 

Pictures from the conference

All pictures from the conference are available on our Facebook here.


Oficyna Peryferie

Making Waves

Dawid Szczepaniak - VML

Kamila Staszczyszyn i Kuba Matyka - Melt

Iliya Pavlov - Grafprom


Dorota Kostowska (Cortland)

Anna Pawlak-Kuliga - CEO of IKEA PL

Dawid Wiener

Grzegorz Róg

CEO in &

Carola Seybold (Pantone)

Leta Sobierajski

Steven Thomas

Erik Kessels

Wojtek Mierowski - BNA

Aga Szóstek

Marek Madej - CD Projekt Red

Adrian Shaughnessy

Mike Monteiro

Jean-Baptiste Levée

Bartosz Jurkowski

Improviser and Customer Experience Manager at Klub Komediowy

Magdalena Miernik

Founder of

Rene Wawrzkiewicz

Michał Sadowski


Tom Biskup

Survey for attendees of Element Talks 2017.

For attendees of Element Talks 2017 we prepared the survey - here. We will highly appreciate if you could share with us your opinion. For randomly selected people who will fill the survey we prepared the prize - tickets for Element Talks 2018!

Published: Jun 30th 2017

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