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Adi Binder - Searching for the Perfect Pixel

During his speech Adi talks about entrepreneurship, design and learning to make decisions. And also, how can designers measure pixels for harmony and aesthetics using the nature's Fibonacci sequence? 

Adi Binder:

Adi Binder is a Tel Aviv based entrepreneur, designer, teacher, and the Founder of FIBO Design System. In the past 3 years Adi has been the Director of Design and UX of the world's biggest mobility platform with over 120 millions users - Moovit. On his free time Adi builds and researches design tools which connects between the harmony of visual aesthetics and mathematics which help designers in their design process.


The lecture from Element Talks conference, which took place 16-17th June 2018 in Warsaw. In the Our Events tab you will find information about next editions of ET and our others initiatives, and here more lectures and interviews with great designers. 

Published: Aug 27th 2018

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