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Łukasz Zbieranowski - Creative soup without additives

Creativity is not a permanent state. Creativity and the joy of creation are a brew which is created in the process of physical processing. The mind should be left alone often, and then it'll answer in kind.

Łukasz shares his experience on how movement, eating, not-eating, meditation and many physical aspects influence the state of mind and the willingness to create.


Łukasz Zbieranowski - Fajny Chłopak (a Nice Guy):

Works mostly in paper. A psychologist by education, designer by practice and converted to craftwork bookbinder. In the "A" sector of his studio he creates images, draws key-visuals, completes copywritings. In the "B" section he glues, cuts, imprints and sews notebook, planners and business cards in an unusual form. On everyday basis he manages the Fajne Chłopaki (Nice Guys) studio, responsible e.g. for book cover, publications, visual identities projects, unusual word-visual plays and involved posters. A characteristic trait of his projects - whether hand-made notebooks, or graphics created for different clients – is a stylish retro-feeling, the spirit of the past in its modern form.


The lecture from Element Talks conference, which took place 16-17th June 2018 in Warsaw. In the Our Events tab you will find information about next editions of ET and our others initiatives, and here more lectures and interviews with great designers.

Published: Aug 16th 2018

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