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Petra Eriksson - Compulsive drawing & creative self care

During this talk, which took place at the Element Talks conference in Warsaw, Petra reveals her ongoing discoveries about how to stay happy, healthy and inspired in the creative world.

This talk starts with pieces of Petra's way to becoming an illustrator, from copying her cousin's princess drawings to her art and graphic design studies before heading out in the world to try to learn how to work as a visual creative. It also focus on how she started freelancing and some of the things she's learned since then.


Petra Eriksson:

Petra is an illustrator born in Stockholm but currently based in Barcelona after spending a few years at different locations around Europe. Petra's started studying fine art at a smaller art school before switching to graphic design at Berghs School of Communication. In her work she uses bright colours and a strong sense of composition.


The lecture from Element Talks conference, which took place 16-17th June 2018 in Warsaw. In the Our Events tab you will find information about next editions of ET and our others initiatives, and here more lectures and interviews with great designers. 

Published: Aug 14th 2018

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