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Strolls along Warsaw's creative trail - places worth visit during Element Talks

Hey! We invite you to take a two strolls along Warsaw’s creative trail. We have chosen places that we think will allow you to spend quality time on both sides of the Vistula River. Warsaw is changing fast, so pay attention on the way. See you!

Check out the map, that we have prepared for you.

1. Open Jazdów

ul. Jazdów,


Picturesque encampment of wooden Finnish houses, a gift from the Soviet Union for workers who were building Warsaw in the 1950s. It survived in the very heart of the city. In a few of them non-governmental organisations run cultural activities. One can listen to music, see an exhibition, get involved in gardening or tinkering.

Open Jazdów, Finish houses, green Warsaw, nature, garden Open Jazdów

2. The Centre for Contemporary Art, Ujazdowski Castle

ul. Jazdów 2,


One of the best galleries of modern art in Warsaw. Apart from exhibitions in the Ujazdowski Castle there is also a cinema (KINO.LAB), good restaurants (Marta Gessler’s Qchnia Artystyczna with a beautiful garden and Instalacje Art Bistro) and the Pępek Sztuki bookstore.

CSW, Castle, Warsaw, contemporary art, bookstore Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej „Zamek Ujazdowski”
Bookstore, shop, foundation, alternative Warsaw Bęc Zmiana Foundation Shop

3. „Bęc Zmiana” Shop and Bookstore

ul. Mokotowska 65,


Micro space of one of the most energetic cultural foundations in Poland is both a bookstore, shop with modern design and gallery. You can get here a free cultural magazine called ‘’ published by Bęc. It is worth taking a walk down Mokotowska Street where you can find Ania Kuczyńska’s boutique, Mo61 perfumery, Lukullus patisserie or Piotr Najsztub’s restaurant ‘Przegryź’.

4. Mysia 3

ul. Mysia 3,


Elegant and friendly department store in a building of the former Central Office for the Control of the Press, Publications and Spectacles with She/s a Riot bookstore and perfumery, Muji, NAP, COS and boutiques of Polish brands: Elementy&Balagan, Orska, Rilke, Nenukko.
You can also see a good photo exhibition in the Leica Gallery.

Mysia 3 - polish boutiques, exclusive and elegant shops, polish fashion designers Mysia 3
Market hall from 1909, designed by Juliusz Dzierżanowski, reconstructed in 2016 by JEMS Architects. Hala Koszyki

5. Hala Koszyki

ul. Koszykowa 63,


Market hall from 1909, designed by Juliusz Dzierżanowski, reconstructed in 2016 by JEMS Architects. Part of antique elements survived and are integrated with the new architecture. It is worth stopping by to try food from different restaurants and drink wine at the longest bar in Warsaw.

6. Youmiko Vegan Sushi

ul. Hoża 62,


Each sushi is a piece of art but this vegan sushi from Youmiko is exquisite. It will enchant you with its taste and how it is served. In front of the restaurant you can admire a neon designed by Maurycy Gomulicki.

Vegan sushi in Warsaw Youmiko Vegan Sushi

7. Galeria Raster

ul. Wspólna 63,


One of the best private art galleries in Warsaw run by Łukasz Gorczyca and Michał Kaczyński. Apart from exhibitions you will also find a bookstore there.

One of the best polish private art galleries - Raster Raster Gallery

8. Palace of Culture and Science

pl. Defilad 1,


You can spend here all day: admire a panoramic view of the city from the 30th floor, see a remarkable interior design from 50s (Kinoteka), eat and listen to music in Studio Bar and Café Kulturalna, see an exceptional exhibition in the Museum of Technology, get an entrance ticket to the STUDIO theatregallery or Dramatic Theatre.

Palace of Culture and Science - socrealistic architecture, Polish communism Palace of Culture and Science
60', 70' 80' style, traditional warsaw cafe and patisserie Lukullus

9. Lukullus

ul. Chmielna 32,


The best patisserie in Warsaw. Exquisite tastes, unique interior design, boxes with illustrations of Polish artists. In the past when in Warsaw one could not forget to visit Blikle. Nowadays it is Lukullus.

Art books, art bookstore, Justyna Krawczyk, art in Warsaw Super Salon

10. Super Salon

ul. Chmielna 10,


A well stocked art bookstore in the city - Polish and international magazines, notebooks, calendars and tour guides.

11. STOR

ul. Tamka 33


Fine coffee and elegant interior in the immediate vicinity of the Chopin Museum.

12. Museum of Modern Art by the Vistula River

ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22,


Museum took over from Berlin a building designed by an Austrian architect Adolf Krischanitz and made it its temporal residence- by the Vistula River, in the neighbourhood of the Copernicus Science Centre. There is also a bookstore and Emesen cafe.

Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej nad Wisłą Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej nad Wisłą

13. Warszawa Powiśle

ul. Kruczkowskiego 3b


End your evening in a space saucer of the Warszawa Powiśle culture cafe - a former building of a ticket booth of PKP railway station designed by Arseniusz Romanowicz and Piotr Szymaniak in the beginning of the 1960s of the 20th century, and adapted by architecture studio Centrala.

Warszawa Powiśle, PKP, ufo, hipster bar in Warsaw Warszawa Powiśle

14. Soho Factory

ul. Mińska 25,


A new housing estate is being built on the post industrial area of Kamionek. There was, in the communistic times, the Warsaw Factory of Motorcycles that produced a well-known motorbikes ‘Osa”. New residential buildings are designed among others by architects from the WWAA architectural studio. Old spaces are being adapted for the purposes of restaurants, offices, culture and Project Praga gets a restoration. WWAA shares its office in Komin 73 with Super Super design studio.

Soho Factory, Eastern Warsaw, Praga, night, neon, brick building Soho Factory, fot. Soho Factory

15. Neon Muzeum

Soho Factory, ul. Mińska 25,


Unique neon advertisements from all around Poland, dating from the 1950s to 80s of the 20th century, gathered in one place. Part of the collection you can find on the Soho premises as well.

lettering, warsaw neons, typography, light, museum Neon Muzeum

16. Czar PRL

ul. Mińska 22,


Museum of everyday life from the communistic times, with wall units, ‘Frania’ washing machines, syphon bottles and soda fountains. Museum is located on the premises of the former PZO factory. From here one can go on a sentimental trip through Warsaw in Nysa - a Polish retro cult van.

Czar PRL, communism in Poland, museum of communism in Warsaw Czar PRL

17. Museum of Praga

ul. Targowa 50/52,


History of the borough, in which a lot of the Warsaw post war spirit preserved, shown in a modern way. Free entrance for those who want to go at the terrace and admire from above nearby tenement houses, the Rożyckiego market and the neighbouring building of the Creativity Centre - space opened in 2016 by the City of Warsaw for creative businesses and events from culture to entrepreneurship.

Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi Muzeum Warszawskiej Pragi

18. Konsulat Praettigau

ul. Nieporęcka 6,


If you are looking for good food, it is worth to take a stroll down Ząbkowska Street through the ‘Koneser” Vodka Factory (19th century architecture), in which Google Campus is located, to Konsulat. It is a very interesting area from the architectural point of view. One may find here modern infills neighbouring with well reconstructed prewar tenement houses.

Konsulat Praettigau, restaurant, praga north, koneser, vodka factory, ząbkowska street Konsulat Praettigau

19. Look Inside

ul. Wileńska 21 ,


Something for design enthusiasts. In the shop on Wileńska Street you will find furniture and miscellaneous objects from the 1960s or 70s of the 20th century as well as modern items like porcelain from the Ćmielów factory designed by Marek Cecuła.

Design, Ćmielów factory, porcelain in Warsaw, Wileńska, Praga Look Inside
Hałas Vinyl + Coffee Hałas Vinyl + Coffee

20. Hałas Vinyl + Coffee

ul. Jagiellońska 30,


Interesting combination of a cafe and vinyl shop in a small and modern interior. Best coffee in Praga.

21. Giraffe in Praski Park


It is only a walking distance from here to beaches along the Vistula River. It is worth looking in a park for a 13-metre high, open-work giraffe - a monument of Władysław Frucz from 1981. It is one of the finest works in Warsaw.

A monument of Władysław Frucz from 1981 Giraffe in Praski Park
Album Warszawa Warsaw Album Warszawa Warsaw

This map is prepared by Agnieszka Kowalska – author of Warszawa/Warsaw book, and Mamastudio – Autor Rooms micro-hotel hosts and Warszawa/Warsaw book publishers.


Photos: Aga Bilska, Filip Klimaszewski

Published: May 21st 2018

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