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How people are going to live in the future?

How people are going to live in the future? Accoriding to Simon Caspersen - the co-founder and director of communication at SPACE10 - IKEA’s external future living lab. SPACE10 explore, prototype and design new and more sustainable ways of living. Before SPACE10, Simon worked as a documentary film maker. 

SPACE10 - how IKEA's future-living lab approach innovation
SPACE10's mission is to explore global challenges, detect potential disruptions and most importantly bring together radical thinkers and specialists from around the world to ideate, prototype and design new concepts, that enable a better, more sustainable and meaningful way of living. Simon will share SPACE10's method and approach to designing a better tomorrow and use concrete examples and share insights from one of SPACE10's ongoing labs, which explore open source design and architecture.

Published: Mar 6th 2018

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