Prices do include VAT. The number of tickets is strictly limited.

  • 2 days of lectures
  • Consultations with the speakers.
  • Workshops during the conference
  • Conference bag
  • Element Market Zone
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  • Afterparty
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  • Networking: Round Tables


Prices do include VAT. The number of tickets is strictly limited.

Oficyna Peryferie
Self-Publishing DIY Handbook

Three day publishing workshops (Riso printing & Bookbinding). April 19-21, 2017

Free (ET participants)

The Awwwesomes
It's a kind of magic.

Hey graphic designers, let's discover the superpowers of CSS!

PLN 69

zespół wespół & PA!RISO

Poster workshops - Designer's Decalogue

Free of charge (participants)

Coders Lab
Coding for beginners

Coding basics for designers

PLN 80

Bartek Kotowicz -
Don't be a brand pooper!

Brand creation strategies for graphic design studios and personal use.

Bezpłatne dla uczestników

Design Your Freelance Business

Pricing, negotiating and writing sexy proposals. The workshop that will teach you how to increase your prices while getting more clients to say “YES!”

PLN 500

Michał Mazur -

More info soon.

More info soon

Zespół Wespół & PA!RISO

Business card workshops - business cards for difficult clients

Free of charge (participants)

The Awwwesomes
CSSes... HTMLs... and, like, other things

Let the code inspire you, become a business unicorn

Free of charge (participants)

Mike Monteiro
Presenting Work Like Your Life Depends On It

Good ideas, even the best ideas, need to be sold.

PLN 1600